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The 2007 Team

The University of Colorado 2007 Solar Decathlon team is housed in the College of Engineering and Applied Science on the Boulder campus and includes undergraduate and graduate students from the colleges of engineering, architecture, business, and arts and sciences. While over 115 members of the university community subscribe to the teams email list server, there are 30-35 students who actively participate in team activities.

Solar Decathlon Team The 2007 CU Solar Decathlon Team

The team is currently organized into three main groups: architecture, engineering, and business. The architecture team is focused on the development of the house design. The engineering team is evaluating the energy performance of alternative design, exploring mechanical and electrical system alternatives, and developing detailed system design. Many on the engineering team work closely with the architecture team to inform the energy performance of the building design. The business team is engaged in fundraising, marketing, and communication, including the development of long-term business strategy.