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CU Solar Decathlon News

09 Apr 2008 : House Tours commence on Earth Day, April 22nd

Just in time for Earth Day, the CU Solar Decathlon team will open the 2007 entry to the public for tours. Visit the tour schedule for a listing of tour times, contact information and information on how to reserve the home for private parties.

03 Oct 2007 : Construction on the National Mall begins!

At exactly midnight on Octover 3, 2007, a caravan of semi-trailers carrying 20 solar powered homes rolled onto the National Mall in Washington D.C. for the 3rd biannual Solar Decathlon.

The house arrives (safe!) on the mall.

A section of our house is craned into place.

02 Oct 2007 : Washington Bound

A crew of CU Solar Decathletes took the 5:30AM bus from Boulder this morning to DIA to catch their flights to Washington. A few short hours after landing, construction is to begin.

View of Washington D.C. from the plane.

28 Sept 2007 : CU home leaves for Washington D.C.

At 4:30AM we packed-up the final truck and said goodbye. It was kind-of weird to be standing in the lot where so many hours had been spent building, now empty as the trucks drive to D.C.

Preparing to lift the attic.

Craning the attic to the first truck.

15 Sept 2007 : All systems GO!

Around 9:00PM we turned on the main panel and booted-up the heatpump. IT'S ALIVE! For the rest of the night we were able to run our power-tools and light the house with the electrical system. There is something really neat about powering tools off of solar energy captured by the house they are being used to build.

Jack tests the main panel bus for voltage.

07 Aug 2007 : Final construction documents delivered to NREL

Following 2 consecutive all-nighters by many members of the team, we submitted our final set of construction documents to NREL for review and judging.

02 Aug 2007 : Photovoltaic Array Installed

At a press event sponsored by Xcel Energy, McStain Neighborhoods and Namaste Solar Electric, the photovoltaic array was installed.

01 Jun 2007 : Updated construction documents delivered to NREL

The second installment of construction documents was delivered today. Not quite as painful as the first set, but we lost some sleep nonetheless.

28 May 2007 : Construction begins!

Construction on the McStain lot in Bradburn officially began today with the arrival of our modified 40' high-cube shipping container. We are all amazed that our hard work is finally starting to materialize.

16 Mar 2007 : Xcel Energy announces purchase of CU Solar Decathlon Home

Xcel energy has agreed to pre-purchase the 2,100 ft2 house following the competition. Xcel will use the house as a public educational outreach and testing facility for solar energy and energy efficiency. We couldn't be happier with our newest sponsor!

06 Mar 2007 : Construction documents delivered to NREL

The first big milestone was reached today with the delivery of construction drawings and specifications to NREL. We haven't slept much these last few days and are looking forward to spring break.