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Sustainable Materials

CORE not only saves energy, it provides a healthy indoor environment with a light footprint on the earth’s environment through material selections.

Marmoleum® is a natural, ecologically produced material made from linseed oil, rosin, limestone and environmentally friendly pigments that is durable and bateria-resistant. Our floor uses click-in tiles rather than a sheet product.

Cabinetry in the core uses Plyboo Strand®, a formaldehyde free laminated plywood made of 100% bamboo.

The countertops in the kitchen and bathroom are made of recycled paper. The unique paper surface, manufactured by Richlite, is made from environmentally sustainable resources and is a durable, long-lasting material.

Several wall panels and doors are eco-resins made by 3Form Material Solutions. The translucent, co-polyester sheet material contains 40% post-industrial reclaimed material, is non-toxic, durable with 40 times the impact strength of glass, and is chemical resistant.

Ecogress mosaic are made from eco-friendly porcelain and highlight durability and versatility among their design features. They are manufactured with raw materials and production processes that comply with conservation methods.

The decking is built from reclaimed redwood planks obtained through ReSource2000, a local recycler of building materials.