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At the Center of It All

Our CORE concept is based on a prefabricated and customizable central core that includes kitchen, bath and mechanical equipment. In fact, there is no piping, ductwork, plumbing, or other mechanical equipment outside the core. The CORE concept uses the shipping container spine to modulate the spatial experience of the home. The containers central position allows them to function as transition zones between the public and private areas of the home.

The CORE concept leverages the efficiencies of factory-built, modular construction for those parts of a dwelling that best lend themselves to industrial prefabrication and the economies of scale. Yet, it allows a limitless number of user options in customizing the core components and encourages individual, sustainable home plans and construction techniques outside the core. In addition, the sophisticated mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems are fully fabricated, installed and calibrated in a factory environment, are protected during transport by the container, and require no additional on-site construction or adjustment.

The CORE strategy encourages freedom of aesthetics, construction method, and material selection. In a production home environment, modular construction can be employed without every house looking the same. The system also allows users to create connection and response to local conditions. By combining a prefabricated core and high performance energy technologies with vernacular architecture and local materials and methods, housing can be created with better local economic regeneration, lower materials costs, and less overall embodied energy. Countless other variations are possible. The core’s flexible, transportable, and modular nature allows it to be used in diverse applications, from off-grid vacation cabins to high-density in-fill housing. Cores can be stacked in multi-story designs. They can be combined with local materials and methods. Over time, the footprint size can change as the lifestyle of the owner evolves, adding rooms for a larger family or removing rooms as the nest empties.