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Jeff and Jon take actionThe CU Solar Decathlon Team collaborated with Genesis Homes of Colorado, a division of Champion Homebuilders Corporation, part of the World's Largest Homebuilder™, for construction of the team's competition entry. Genesis is the first nationwide supplier of factory-built homes which are made to meet traditional site building codes and standards. Genesis and CU worked together to create a custom built chassis to support and transport the lightweight, modular BioS(h)IP to and from Washington, D.C. Another important collaborator in the design and construction of the BioS(h)IP is the Colorado Division of Housing. The CDH is the regulatory agency that monitors factory-built housing and manufactured homes in Colorado. The CDH worked with the CU Solar Decathlon team to ensure that the BioS(h)IP met required safety standards and building codes. CU looks forward to future work with both Genesis and the Colorado Division of Housing since modular, environmental, solar housing is a developing part of CU's architecture curriculum.