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Engineering Features - Glazing

Window GlazingThe glazing areas and locations are optimized to balance daylighting and view with thermal transfer and solar gains. The current design incorporates Heat Mirror® Southwall HM-88 and Superglass Quad-TC high performance glazing. Heat Mirror insulating glass uses a unique patented process for superior performance. Clear, colorless, coated film is permanently suspended between two panes of glass. This suspended film divides the space into two smaller compartments, which in turn provide additional insulation and thermal performance. Superglass Quad is manufactured with Southwall's proprietary Weightless Cavity Construction. Two proprietary suspended films create a "Quad" pane unit with three cavities that are filled with krypton gas for superior thermal efficiency. Weightless Cavity Construction creates a superior "Quad" pane unit that has the same nominal weight of a double pane unit, saving wear and tear on expensive window hardware. The thermally improved edge features a gold identifying spacer in the middle cavity. With R-values as high as 12.5, Superglass Quad exceeds the energy savings and year-round comfort of any glass on the market.

Our design incorporates 225 ft2 of glazing. The south façade contains 52% of the glazing area, the north façade 20%, the east façade 20%, and the west façade has 8%.

Southern glazing has been maximized to provide opportunity for direct gains at an orientation easily shaded by overhangs in the cooling season. The relatively small north glazing area reduces thermal transmission, yet care has been taken to locate one north window in the kitchen for quality daylighting. Eastern and western glazing is kept to a minimum to keep difficult-to-control low angle solar gains to a minimum.

South Glazing

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