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Engineering Features - Lighting

Interior LightingThe CU team lighting plan utilizes fluorescent and halogen lamps with fixtures that follow a modern style design. AGI32, a software tool, was used to determine lighting levels in order to confirm that our lighting plan will comply with the Solar Decathlon requirements.

To achieve the base level of light, fluorescent lamps will be used in fixtures that direct the light toward the ceiling. This indirect lighting scheme creates even light levels throughout the space and makes the rooms feel larger and more open. The fluorescent lamps use approximately 1/3 of the electricity standard incandescent lamps use and last ten to fifteen times longer, saving the user time and money. For the areas of the house that need accent lighting or higher light levels such as the desk and reading locations, halogen fixtures will be used. The halogen lamps provide warmer light at higher levels. These use more energy than fluorescent and compact fluorescent fixtures but they will not be used for long periods of time.

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